Thursday, October 8, 2009

Epistle - 10.7.09

Welcome to October friends!

We've been dealing with a bit of sickness in my apartment, but I've developed a loving relationship with Sudafed, and all seems to be going OK.

General Conference was incredible. I really enjoyed it. After the Saturday Morning session of General Conference Amanuel, whom we've been working with, said that he didn't want to keep waiting to be baptized, and wanted to know why it couldn't be sooner. So we said it could be sooner, and he will now be baptized next Saturday. He just had his interview yesterday and was found ready. Fun stuff!

Today was the "Death Temple Trip" meaning all the missionaries who are going home next week went to the temple, +their companions, +a bunch of other missionaries that show up just to see the departing missionaries for the last time. There were a lot of Elders but it was a great experience. I love the Temple!

In other news, next week P-Day and Transfers will be on Friday, Oct. 16th, instead of the usual Wednesday. This is because President Mansell is busy hosting a Mission President's conference in our Visitor's Center. So you won't be hearing from me until next Friday. Hope you can last the extra two days!

And the most important part:

I love you all.
You are in my prayers.

-Elder Ted E. Bear

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