Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Epistle - 6.23.10

Good Wednesday Everyone!

Transfers! And the word is.... I'm Staying! With Elder Peterson!

We're really excited. It's what we had hoped for, and it's what we
got. It's nice when those two things line up so nicely.

I had several previous companions go home today, it was funny to see
them off. Some of them are excited for the next step in life. Some
just have "Deer-In-Headlights" look, because they don't have a clue
what they'll be doing tomrorow.

Speaking of previous companions, my trainer, Payton Brooks came to
visit the mission this past week. He came to Anacostia's Father's Day
Lunch on Sunday, and he was at the Why I Believe. It was fun to talk
to him about the mission and what he's doing now.

Elder Peterson and I were able to resing his quintet version of "Jesus
Savior Pilot Me" on Sunday at the Why I Believe, it went very well. We
did a better job all remembering the words than we did at the mission

We met some neat new investigators the last couple days. On Monday we
taught a guy named Charles. We went to the house to teach his daughter
in law, whom he lives with, but she wasn't there. So we told him we
were there all ready to teach a message about our savior Jesus Christ,
and we'd love to teach him instead, and he let us in. The lesson went
well. By the end he commented we had given him a lot to think about
(And that's basically what we do) and he agreed to read and pray about
it to find out the truth of it. That's all we ask for! So that was

Tuesday we finally got to teach a lady we've been trying to teach for
a while, and we kept having things come up. But this time we were able
to go teach her. Her name is Gloria. She's sort of a funny one,
because she met with missionaries a couple years ago, and again last
year at her mom's house, and she commented "But this time I plan on
being steadfast". So we thought perhaps she already knew most of our
message and wanted to actually join the church this time, but in our
teaching we discovered that she didn't really know much about our
message, which was sort of weird, and she wasn't really all that open
to some of what we said. So I'm not quite sure what the deal is there,
but we'll see if she's humble enough to hear the spirit speaking truth
to her, if she is we'll be happy to baptize her, and if she's not
we'll find those who are.

I think that's one big change in my missionary work I'm seeing lately.
I'm becoming about as bold as I wish I had been all along. Quite
frankly we're out here to find those who will receive us, and there's
enough of them out here that we just don't have enough TIME to spend
it with people that aren't humble enough to follow the spirit. We
simply don't have time for it, we can't do it. So I'm becoming more
and more commited to boldly testify and commit these people, and if
they don't like it all the time, well, last I checked not everyone
liked Christ's boldness either. And, seeing as He's my master, I
suppose I should do as He did, not as the people will like the most.

I love you all. Cherish  your time, it is one of our most previous and
non-renewable resources.
-Elder Ted E. Bear

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