Thursday, July 15, 2010

Epistle - 7.14.10

Good Wednesday Everyone!


We had an INCREDIBLE lightening storm last night. Probably averaged 40 flashes a minute for a while, and whenever a bolt struck it would hit again 3 or 4 times. Really cool. And of course since it's a MD storm it only lasted about half an hour, then blew over. It's a funny place!


Today our whole district is going to go to Red Robin for lunch to get my favorite burgers. I'm pretty excited. It's a bit pricey for missionary fare, but every once in a while we can fit it in to our budgets, so we make room for it.


We have a new mission president, and we got to meet him last Thursday. President Matsumori really impresses me. I don't see the mission going anywhere but up, which is saying a lot since President Mansell was such an incredible man. One of President Matsumori's great assets is going to be his wife, Vicki F. Matsumori, recently released from the Primary General Presidency. She's traveled the world training the leaders of the church in the gospel of Jesus Christ and how to teach it in simplicity, and I think the mission will be greatly benefited by her wisdom and knowledge and skill. Besides which they both have a great sense of humor and are really easy to get along with.


Sadly we didn't get anyone at church this week. Gloria's schedule shifted, so she'll be there THIS week, Claudette was checking out of the hospital Sunday morning (Apparently she goes in a lot..) and Charles slept in, and his wife refused to wake him, even though he'd said he wanted to come. So, we'll still get 'em all!


This Sunday Elder Peterson and I will be doing the musical number at the Why I Believe fireside. We'll be doing a song that he wrote before his mission, which will be really neat. We finally got it written up yesterday so I can start learning it for Sunday... Crunch time! Plus with preparing for CDM and all it's a very busy week. But busy can be good when you're in well-doing. And who can do more well than the work of the Lord? I know I can't!


So, until next week my friends,


Elder Ted E. Bear

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