Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Epistle 2.11.09

Happy February 11th everyone!

I don't have any news to compete with last week's news (yet!) so you will have to settle for a rather duller Epistle.

My companion is having some back pain, and the doctor has ordered us to bike as little as possible, which means lots of metro'ing and walking. Been sort of interesting to see our area from another angle, slow down and actually be able to talk to the passers-by. From our side we have much more opportunity to invite them to hear the restored gospel! From their side we now have time to pester them. This life is a matter of perspectives... the after-life however... might only have one perspective left!

I asked dad what I should write about, he said to tell you about the people and the work. Why didn't I think of that?

The work is very good. We taught all day yesterday, with just enough time for Lunch and we grabbed some take-out Chinese between our evening and night appointments. Teaching means we had set up appointments that actually held, and we got to get in and teach a lesson. That's my favorite thing to do! We have 4 people on date for baptism, with a goal of 5 by the end of this week. One of my favorite people we are teaching is named Tyrone Hall. He is on date for February 22nd. He has been dropped twice before, meaning that two sets of missionaries have started meeting with him, decided he was unaccountable and stopped meeting with him. I have no idea why, but this time he is progressing. He has trouble understanding things, but he knows it so he works hard at getting it. He has a very strong desire to do what God wants him to do, and knows that we can guide him to that. He often says "I'm stickin wit yall, man" He's really hillarious.

As far as what we do in a day. We spend the majority of our time teaching. Just the way I like it. We tract probably less than 10 hours a week on average. We also try to talk to people on the street when we walk by them. We get fed probably an average of 1-2 meals a week. Some week we get a lot, other weeks none. This week we have one meal, with the Ward Mission Leader.

I'm really developing a deep love for teaching. I Love to help these people understand the gospel. I enjoy it a lot, and I get a lot of opportunities to do it.

I love you all and wish you another wonderful week.

Till next week.

-Elder Ted E. Bear

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