Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Another wonderful week has gone by.

I often forget to talk about the people I work with in these epistles, something of which I am oft reminded by various sources!

It did strike me the other night that it might be interesting for those who read this letter to know that I was teaching an investigator in the home of Sister Lantos, who is the wife of the late Congressman Tom Lantos. Sister Lantos was baptized by (as she refers to him) "Bruce McConkie" while he (who would later become an Apostle) was a mission president in Australia. She is a marvelous lady from Hungary who came to this country with her Husband a long time ago. For a while he was a professor at The University of Washington, and then he moved to California and became a Congressional Representative of California. She has a funny conversion story as well. She was born a Jew, and lost her father and grandfather in the Holocaust. She had no interest in ever becoming a Christian, but one day on accident flipped open to the New Testament in a bible. She says that immediately she felt intense love for this man name Jesus Christ, whom she had been taught to despise. From that moment she simply knew that Jesus Christ was something special, and became a Christian! She later was introduced to the Book of Mormon by family friends, and joined the church (While her husband never did on this earth).

Also in our ward is Congressman Bishop. The Chevy Chase ward has MOST of the famous people, but we have a couple here on Capitol Hill!

Zaneta Washington and Tyrone Hall both look solid for their baptisms this sunday. Tyrone has asked me to perform the Ordinance and so I am excited for my first time to do that. I've done a Confirmation before but this will be my first time in the water.

Everything is going very well here. I keep meaning to bring my USB cable to the Library with me so I can send some pictures home, I will work on doing that so you can all see what life is like here. I love you all.

Take care and stay strong in the faith!
-Elder Ted E. Bear

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