Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fwd: FW: Epistle - 4.1.09

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It's been a great P-Day so far for us! We went over and met up with 6 other missionaries to wander around the Air and Space Museum. That was a fun one for me... although I bet they will all be fun for me. I love gaining knowledge and so all fo the exhibits I were quite fascinating. It's amazing to be so close to one of the world's largest museums. When you wander around there are all sorts of REAL things, instead of replicas. It was a lot of fun.

From there we headed over to where the Cherry Blossoms were. They were pretty, but I've almost enjoyed the last week biking around even more. There are cherry trees planted everywhere in this city. It's been gorgeous to see them blooming all over the place. I love the purple ones with the big flowers that almost look like tulips. They're gorgeous.

Tyrone's baptism went smoothly on Sunday. He's going to be a funny member =]

Oh I just remembered some funny news I found out last week, which really only applies to members that lives near me. There is a Brother Boehm in this ward. I've been in this ward for 4 months now, but he and I had never really talked. Once we talked we found out that he was the son of President Boehm, who was formerly in the Renton North/Bellevue South Stake Presidency, and who did my Priesthood interview to become an Elder. He was also in the Somerset ward Bishopric, and new all the friends I had who lives in that ward. So that was quite funny to finally make that connection with him.

All of us out here are really pumped for General Conference. Really looking forward to it.

Not really sure what else to share... life is good. We're all healthy. The cherry blossoms are pretty. My Bike isn't broken and the weather hasn't been too bad.

All around, life is quite good!

Love you all!
Elder Ted E. Bear

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