Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fwd: FW: Epistle - 4.8.09

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Since last wednesday I have had an exciting and wonderful week! How was yours?

So, I wrote to you last wednesday. Wednesday night Brother Vezina and Sister Cruz asked me to sing at their wedding on Saturday. That was funny.
Thursday morning I left my really cool really awesome super small and light and high tech titanium reinforced umbrella on the bus. I'm not the kind to leave things on busses very often, and I was a little bummed. So (of course) Friday morning it dumped rain! =]

Friday night we left our bikes locked up down stairs in our Appartment complexes enclosed and gated parking lot, and forgot to bring them up to our appartment when we went in for the night... (cue dramatic music)

Saturday morning when we went to bike to the church building for General Conference, all 6 of our wheels were gone! (Three Missionaries with Three Bikes) SO we caught a metro to the church building.
Saturday between the morning and afternoon sessions I sang Come Thou Found of Every Blessing at the wedding, it was fun, they liked it.

Next really exciting thing was yesterday, when we extended a baptismal date of May 3rd to Aaron, an investigator we've been working with for quite a while. He's a really cool guy and we're quite excited that he's taking this step.

This letter sounds a little depressing, but in reality I'm really quite cheerful, I thought the events of this week were really funny, and I just thought I'd recount them all =] Tyrone gets confirmed this Sunday. Selena is doing awesome, she gave us an Apple pie the other day! We went to the Nation Museum of Natural History today, there were lots of fossils and dinosaur skeletons and stuff, it was really cool. The Cherry blossoms are mostly gone now, but they were really pretty, I'm glad I got to be in down town for them.

As always I love getting all of your letters. I know that this gospel is true. I see the joy and the change it brings to the lives of God's children on this earth. Stay strong in the faith my friends!

-Elder Ted E. Bear

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