Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Epistle - 5.27.09

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Lets see lets see, what are some highlights from this week?

We received a very cool referral from our Zone Leader, Elder Thornock. He is in the Spanish program and covers much of the same area we do, only for spanish speaking people. As I mentioned last week I've been talking in spanish a lot, and whenever I do I try to get people's information to give to Elder Thornock and his companion to be taught in Spanish. Elder Thornock goes home in about 2 weeks, so he's served ~2 years, and he called and told us that in his entire mission he has never had a referral from the English speaking missionaries that went anywhere, until this transfer. He has had 4 very promising investigators from our area this transfer and its the first time it's happened in his whole mission! I should add that a couple of those referrals were able to speak enough English that Elder Durfee actually got the referral, so it's not just me at work, but still that was a very cool call to receive.

And a sort of funny story. We were preparing to leave our appartment a couple nights ago, and it was sort of cloudy. I asked Elder Durfee if he thought it was going to rain, and he said probably not. About 10 minutes later we were in a torrential downpour :)

I yelled ahead that we should pull in to a tunnel on the bike path ahead of us and see if it was going to blow over. You see the problem is that when missionaries are soaking wet, most people don't want us to come in to their houses and sit on their couches and teach them! So we pulled in and began to wait. The rain just got harder and harder. Soon the paved path we had biked up to the tunnel looked more like a muddy river, with so much water running down it we couldn't even see the pavement beneath. Elder Durfee came up with the very smart idea that we bike back to the appartment and organize our records and call some people we needed to talk to and such. That sounded really smart to me but I said, "Well, let's pray about it".

So, we each took off our helmets and bowed our heads and said a silent prayer. Each of us started that prayer fully knowing that biking home was the most reasonable thing to do, and expecting to receive a spiritual confirmation that we were right. I finished my prayer and looked over to Elder Durfee right as he finished his prayer, and saw that he had a look of consternation on his face. He looked over to me to see a big grin on my face, and he started to grin too. "Well, let's go get wet!" I said, and off we went in to a ridiculous rain storm. It had only been raining about 25 minutes and we were biking through puddles that submerged half of our wheels. It was quite amazing.

The point of this is that even though I didn't really want to go get soaking wet, it is just so reassuring to know that I could seek the will of the Lord, get an answer of what I should do (That might not be what I want to do!) and then go and do it.

I love you all, and appreciate your prayers, support, and letters.

Till next week!

Fill my mailbox,
Elder Ted E. Bear

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