Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Epistle - 8.5.09

That strange day that comes in every missionary's mission has come in mine...

I only have 364 days left as a full time missionary. One day less than a year. There is no more time for slacking off! It's time to work!

This week we have continued working with Dexter. He's a very intelligent, inquisitive man, with a very strong character (stubborn sometimes?) who is very genuinely interested in the church. Working with people like him can be a challenge because you have to cater more to how they want to be taught, and the pace they want to go at... but in the end they are worth it because they make wonderful members of the church.

We need to go shopping pretty quick so I'm short on time... so one last piece of fun news.

Our Mission President called us last night and told us we had been chosen to host a "Mini-Mission". These are defined a little different by different people so I'll explain exactly what he meant. An 18 year old young man from the Capitol ward (Just South of the DC limits) is going to be joining my companion and I on Sunday. He will follow all the rules, and be with us all day every day. He'll have a bed and a desk and be treated just as a normal missionary. He'll be with us for one full week.

That means that it's our job to make sure he has an awesome experience. But we're very excited for it :)

Hope you all have another wonderful week. I love you all!

-Elder Ted E. Bear

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