Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Epistle - 9.16.09

Good day friends!

Today was a Mission Sports Day. For the first time ever the entire mission got together to play some sports. Normally there is an anual half mission sports day, where the south half of the mission gets together, and the north half of the mission gets together, but today ALL of us were together. It was huge! and a lot of fun.

Time for some uplifting stories!

So the first takes place Sunday night. The week had gone a little rough. We hadn't really had a single teaching appointment hold, we hadn't gotten any new people to work with, things were looking pretty grim. So we prayed a lot about where the lord would have us go on Sunday night. We felt like we should go to the very north part of our area, so we decided to go check on an inactive member up there, and talk to everyone on the way. Now you also need to understand that the north part of our area is very rich, and rich people generally don't like seeing us around very much. But it's what we felt, so we went.

On the way we met some awesome people, who were obviously placed in our path, it was amazing. Then we reached the house of the inactive member we were going to check on.

He had a beautiful home with LOTS of windows, and a big glass front door. We went up to the door and knocked. After waiting a couple moments a man walked around the corner inside, but turned left into the kitchen instead of looking to the right at the door, so he seemed to not have heard our knock. The interesting part was that the man was wearing a T-Shirt... and nothing else...

At this point the brain enters a bit of shock. What do we do? This is the man we came to see... but... (or perhaps "butt" would be the truer word)

Well my companion made a quick decision. He turned around and hissed "RUN.". We quietly and quickly booked it off his porch, onto our bikes, and laughed hysterically all the way home.


I don't think that was very spiritually uplifting. (But it was funny right? =])

We'll move on to Monday then. My companion and are were biking along Missouri Ave, when my companion heard a lady call to us from her porch to our right, He stopped and we turned around to see her running off her porch after us. She turned out to be an amazing lady named Nita, who is so prepared to receive the gospel. She was open and listened to what we had to say and liked everything. She's awesome.

Now here's where it gets sort of interesting. We were only going on that street on our way home from an appointment. That appointment ended up being REALLY short because the man couldn't let us in the house because it wasn't his and the owner doesn't like us. Nita was about to leave for the library when she saw us. If the appointment had gone longer, we wouldn't have caught her, and if the appointment hadn't existed, we never would've been there.

Another thing, I didn't hear Nita call out to us. At all. And I have pretty good hearing. My companion DID hear Nita call to us from our right side. My companion is almost completely deaf in his right ear.

It's fascinating to me how many little miracles we could miss in life if we don't watch for them carefully. They happen in the simplest tender mercies are heavenly father grants to us, but the culmination of all of these little miracles, if observed, can nourish our testimony to higher plains than anything else.

I love you all. I appreciate all your prayers and support.

Be safe. Be good.

-Elder Ted E. Bear

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