Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Epistle - 9.23.09

Hello Everyone!

Happy last week of September!

Life in the mission is going well! We're half way through the transfer, Elder Milne is doing very well keeping his focus.

Ammanuel, the Ethiopian man has a new Baptismal Date of Oct. 25th. He's having trouble coming to church because he gets called in to work and he needs the money bad. He and his wife and one of his daughters are here in the states so his daughter can get a new kidney. She's on dialysis right now. He left 3 children back home in Ethiopia. Rough situation.

Nana Smith is also on date for the 25th of October, and hopefully two of her 3 children will also be on date after tomorrow night.

The work is going well. It's always so much fun working in the District, people are so ready to change their lives for the better. They've seen where worldly ways lead, and they want something else.

One of my roommates, Elder Chandler, got his bike stolen. Poor guy. He got his stolen the same way, and probably by the same kids as stole my companion, Elder Milne's, bike a couple months ago. They both left it leaning up against a tree while they were 10-15 feet away talking to someone on their porch. The moment they turn their back the kids just jump on it and ride off. Can't possibly catch up.

Better lock my bike up!

I'm not sure what all to update you on this week...

OH I suppose there is one thing. I got a call on Friday and got asked to sing another Musical Number at the Why I Believe Fireside on Sunday night. It's in the same theater as the Nights of Music and Inspiration I often do, but those normally have around 40-50 people, and the Why I Believes normally have ~3-400. This was a fairly small Why I Believe but it still turned out to be a couple hundred people, which was fun. I sang a duet with Elder Chandler, who was in the BYU Men's Chorus, and Elders Killpack and Katsenbach played a duet accompaniment on the piano they made up for Come Come Ye Saints. Neither of them can read music, but they are very talented at playing by ear so it was an interesting, sort of pop version.

I love you all, I really do appreciate your prayers, drop me a letter and let me know how life is!

-Elder Ted E. Bear

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