Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Epistle 12.24.08

Merry Christmas Eve my dear friends!

I have, in fact, been transferred. Remember a couple weeks ago when I was so excited to be e-mailing from the Library of Congress for the day? Well I'm there again, and this time it isn't an excursion! I now live just a few blocks from the Capitol building of the United States. We can see the building from our deck, and it's almost always present and visible as we bike around. It's really quite incredible!

I'm very excited about my new area, and expect a fun transfer ahead. I am still on a bike, and it is cold, but that's ok when you're on the Lord's errand!

My new companion is Elder Hayden. He is from Detroit, and says he had quite a culture shock when he got to DC by how many white people were here! He is white but apparently he's quite the minority in his hometown.

Well the library is closing soon. My new ward is amazing and I'm excited for a great transfer ahead. I love you all!
-Elder Ted E. Bear

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