Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Epistle - 3.10.10

Hello Everyone!


Today has been a fun day. Every 6 months the mission President takes all the missionaries going home in the next 6 months to see the Arlington National Cemetary. We all meet just outside the metro stop, he takes us around and tells us about the history and we take pictures together and all that fun stuff. It was very neat. The changing of the guard and all that was pretty interesting to see.


It was very interesting to walk around in the cemetary and think. I couldn't help but notice that in that cemetary was preserved the ideals of honor and integrity and service upon which this nation was founded, and yet just accross the river... well, we won't go in to that.


We met a really great family last night. Carl and Melissa Pascarella. Her mom is a member, but went inactive when she was of baptismal age, then reactivated while Melissa was in high school, but she never got baptized. Carl used to be Catholic, but when they were going to make Melissa wait a year to take the classes to become Catholic because she missed the application date, he thought that was dumb and decided they would go find another church to go to, and currently attend a Methodist church.


We had a very good lessen. The spirit was very strong and they were open and willing to listen and pray about it. So that was fun.


Next week is going to be a stake converence with a regional broadcast from Salt Lake, the following week is Ward Converence, and the following week is General Conference!


SO we have a lot of spiritual outpourings in our future. Fun stuff.


I love you all, Till next week,


Elder Ted E. Bear

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