Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Epistle - 3.31.10

Hello Everyone!


I've been transferred again. I'll be serving in the Capitol Heights area. It's a car area that covers the Maryland section of the Anacostia ward. That was the first ward I served in so I'm pretty excited to go see some familiar faces.


I've definitely enjoyed my time in White Plains immensely. It's been one of my favorite areas I think. Part of what made it so great is that I was thrown a couple challenges, and was able to overcome them with the help of the Lord. The area had a complete turnaround while I was there, from dead to quite good. My companions were both able to grow a lot too, which was fun to be a part of. Overall I am leaving with a good feeling and no regrets. Just the way it should be.


The cherry trees are starting to bloom in DC. So that is beautiful. One of the things Grandma Mary really wanted me to see in DC was the cherry festival. I think it was a tender mercy of the Lord that I lived right on Capitol Hill last year for all of the cherry blossoms. Or maybe Grandma was up there nagging him to put me there so I could see them =] Either way, as they come back this year I can't help but think of her when I see them. What a true example of Christian courage. The last time I saw her she could barely whisper, so she had to write on a white board, and her parting words to me were "Be careful and take care of yourself". Completely concerned for others. Amazing.


I love you all. I love this gospel. I'm so grateful for it.


Fare thee well.

-Elder Ted E. Bear

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