Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Epistle - 3.14.10


Good Wednesday Everyone!


The weather has been a bit of a rollercoaster lately. Got very hot, then cold and wet, now it's sort of evened out to very pleasant and partly cloudly. Just about where I like it.


The green is finally returned to the forests also. The shade is still a little bit too light for a washingtonian, but whenever I'm near a couple pine trees the aroma gives me my fix!


 We have two investigators right now who are on date for baptism. Both are really neat people.


Jaymie is an interesting kid. When you first meet him he doesn't seem like the type to have any interest in God. He's been shot in the head before and his brain works a little interesting now, but he's still very intelligent, and completely there. He's the only investigator I've ever taught who completely on his own bikes ~8 miles to church on Sunday, pretty cool kid.


Tasha is a very nice lady. Her 2 year old daughter Tashae (Tah-Shay) (Welcome to the Ghetto people!) is a sweety. Tasha has been to a ton of churches, but says that right about the time she was about to join each one she felt like she lost the spirit and left. We explained that was because each had good things to teach her, but did not have the fulness, so as soon as she had learned everything that church had to offer, the spirit told her to move on, but that the full gospel was restored and she could have that in her life. She has been trying to hard to read the Book of Mormon, even though it's difficult for her and continues to pray every day. A very neat lady to work with.


Things are great out here. Life is indeed what you make of it, and we're making it out to be something akin to teriyaki chicken. Which for anyone who knows me equates to pretty darn good =]


I love you all!

-Elder Ted E. Bear

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