Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Epistle - 4.28.10

Good Wednesday Everyone!

I had a renewed correspondence with an old love this week.

This past Sunday Sandra Turley came to the Visitor's Center. Sister Turley lives down in Virginia, she was Cosette in the original Broadway cast of "Les Miserables", and she was in one of my all time favorite off-broadway shows, "Children of Eden".  Needless to say, we made sure we had an investigator willing to go with us =] Then, when we showed up to pick him up and he was so sick he could hardly stand, we frantically called everyone we could think of to find someone to go with us (We can only go if one of our Investigators, Recent Converts, or Less Actives wants to go). We ended up taking Sister Tom and her kids, and she had a great walk around the temple, she's hoping to go in a couple  months, then we went in to the Visitor's Center for the performance.

She was VERY good. She sang songs from most of my favorite shows, and all the ones she picked were ones that had spiritual meaning to her. She'd sing a song then say, let's take this out of context. In the show it means THIS  but, let's just look at the words, think about this song talking about God.

It was a really neat show, and reminded me how much I LOVE to sing. Being out hear and focused on other things I had sort of forgotten how much fun singing Musical Theater is. I'm positive that whatever might be in my future in my life, singing will be some part of it.

On top of that my companion and I were asked to sing a duet at the upcoming Night of Music and Inspiration in May. We found a beautiful peace called "Because He Lives" by Sally Deford. Gorgeous peace that I look forward to singing.

Other then that, Elder Smith blew out his ankle really bad playing football on the mall today, we're hoping it's just a sprain and Missionary Medical has ordered him to bed rest for 48 hours with ice. If it's not better by then we try the hospital.

Tasha and Jaymie are both still on track for their baptisms, the area is great, and time is flying by.

I love you all!

-Elder Ted. E Bear

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