Thursday, April 8, 2010

Epistle - 4.8.10


Hello Everyone!


So general conference was last weekend, and I had a very unusual experience.


As I was watching conference I sat tapping my foot, and my foot landed on something. That felt sort of weird, so I looked down and saw that my shoe had come untied and one of my brown shoe laces was laying off to the side of my shoe. I wasn't sure how in the world my shoe got untied so that was strange. Then I looked closer and saw that, in fact, my shoe WAS tied. So what is that brown thing?


Upon lifting my foot what do I see but a pretty dazed looking little brown snake (The harmless kind for any snake fearers out there)


However, even knowing he was harmless my first reaction upon seeing a snake right under my foot was to jerk both of my feet off the ground. The Elder sitting next to me saw my quick movement, At first thought I had a charley horse but looked over at me and I pointed at the snake. He grabbed a piece of paper, together we coaxed him on the paper and escorted him forcefully back outside where he belonged.


As I settled in to enjoy the rest of conference, my brain sort of pondered over the snake incident.


We know in the story of Adam and Eve the snake represents temptation. Temptation to sin or transgress the laws of God. My first reaction upon spotting the snake was to jerk back. How often do we forget that this ought to be our first reaction to temptation! How often when we spot a temptation do we lean right on in to see if it's something we actually might want to try? It should not be so. We should jump back so fast a cobra itself couldn't catch our toes. One of those close to me saw my distress and instantly jumped in to help me, and immediately we set about casting this unwanted thing from where we were.


Spot. Jump Back. Forcefully remove from our presence (By either moving it or moving ourselves).


I dare saw if we could all do that consistently, the Devil and his angels would be pretty bored all day with very little to do.


-Elder Ted E. Bear

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