Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Epistle - 3.17.10

Hey there everyone!


So today we went "Duck Pin Bowling" Anybody know what that is? I didn't. You bowl with tiny little balls, on smaller lanes, with short and squat pins. Only 5 bucks for an hour and the whole Zone went and had a great time. Pretty fun stuff. I was really bad at the beginning, it's been a long time since I bowled.


So I think I mentioned that the new e-mail interface is G-Mail. It's really weird! Sitting on a g-mail account I feel like I should just hop over to my Google Reader and read about the latest tech trends like I'd spend hours doing back home. Or maybe just jump over to facebook. I don't know it's just funny to see such a familiar interface but in a different setting!


This transfer will be very interesting, because I really have no idea what's going to happen. Almost any possibility has an equal chance. It will be very interesting to find out what President's plans for me are.


The weather has bene very nice the last day or two. After a weekend of gloomy it's very pretty again. We're just rooting for the temperatures to get up past 70 so that we can take the suits off and I will never have to wear my "Work Suit" again. It's ready to retire!


I think the funnest story from this week was Sunday night. We went to check on a less active lady we've never met. She let us in and she and her mother were making Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets to make money. Just stringing the beads and tying off the stretchy cord stuff. After chatting for a while I really wanted to try making one, so we asked and she thought that was hillarious that two young guys wanted to make pink bracelets. So we helped and made 5 of them. At 20 dollars a pop (When she sells them) that's $100 towards breast cancer research! We felt pretty accomplished =]


I love you all. Hope you're all doing well!


-Elder Ted E. Bear

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