Thursday, May 27, 2010

Epistle - 5.26.10


Good Wednesday Everyone!


Well it's been another wonderful week! We have a baptism this Saturday, Jaymie, he's a great young man. We've been meeting with him since January (We meaning missionaries, I've only been in this area 7 weeks), and if we can't get him a ride to church he's the only person I've ever taught that would bike 7 miles to get to church on sunday. Amazing. The long time period is because we've been waiting for his probation to end this Friday for him to get baptized. He's excited and so are we!


 My companion and I are having tons of fun, of course we are making plans for the music, musicals and various shows we will write together some day.  We were talking about making a band the other day, but then we decided we'd be better off making a musical about making a band, and started discussing how we could do that as a two-man show. I suppose that sort of sums us up in a nut shell.


As we drive we have a tendency to crank Mormon Tabernacle Choir and he sings Tenor and I sing Bass parts. Yes, we're geeks, but we're having fun!


We're planning a neat zone activity for next week. We're going to play kick-ball at a park, then head to the stake center where we've managed to get everyone 2 BBQ pork sandwhiches, Potato Chips, Potato Salad and 2 Ice Cream Sandwhiches all for $2 a person. We're pretty proud of ourselves, and I think everyone will be pretty happy with the lunch for 2 bucks!


Well I'll have to think of more cool things to say next week. I really love you guys, I don't dwell often on counting days, but today is 10 weeks, which is a pretty even number. 70 days. In 1,680 hours I'll be on my way to the airport. Believe me when I say that I will make everything I can out of those hours.


With love,

Elder Ted E. Bear

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