Thursday, February 11, 2010

Epistle - 1.13.10

Good Wednesday Everyone!

I'm now settling in to Waldorf, MD. Waldorf is famous for having EVERYTHING. Any store, restaurant, whatever you want you can find it here. That makes it a fun place for P-Day!

The ward is pretty cool. The Ward Council is all very solid, and do lots of visiting and such, which is great.

Our apartment is very nice. Clean and new. That's nice. Our roomates are also good and a lot of fun.

Coming in to this area I'm having a lot of work to do, which is interesting. I believe the Elder I replaced didn't understand very well the principle of Stewardship.

All of the records in the area are a mess. The Teaching Records, Potential Investigator Forms, the Area Map, the Ward Directory, all are out of date and poorly kept. He spent most of his time last transfer knocking on doors, thinking he was being a very hardworking missionary, but did almost 0 followup on those who had already said they'd be interested in us coming by sometime. I've come to understand on my mission that unless we take care of what the Lord has given us, he has no reason to give us more. So we are organizing, following up, visiting, calling, setting up appointments, and then in our extra time after all we can do with the contacts the Lord has already given us, we will knock doors and seek more. I believe this will yield great success in this area.

All is well in MD. Hope all is well with you.

-Elder Ted E. Bear

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