Thursday, February 11, 2010

Epistle - 1.20.09

Good Wednesday Everyone!

The weather has been GORGEOUS! I mean gorgeous.

The last several days have been mid to high 50's, with the sun's effect probably bringing it up to mid 60's, and sunny. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous and perfect.

The past week has had a lot of organizing. We went through all of the records of former investigators, put a huge chunk of them on a call sheet for the Sisters at the Visitor's Center Call Center, kept a couple really promising ones for us to go check on (Two of which we've already met and set up appointments with) and especially found a good amount of records of Member's friends who had just sort of fizzled out. So, when we went to church on Sunday I had a list of 5 or 6 members that I just bee-lined over to and asked them about their friend, daughter-in-law, Daughters who are living with their mother, etc. etc. etc.

All of a sudden an area where I was told I'd have to tract all day and the members wouldn't help has a lot of member missionary work! Fun =]

Life out here is really great. I hope all of you are also doing wonderful.

By the way, this ward had one family sealed in the temple last month, a couple getting sealed in the temple next month (Converts), and another man who's going to get his endowment in 3 months. VERY fun to watch. We missionaries mostly get to be around to see the first covenants happen, it's encouraging to see people that actually made it to the next step, so we know it can happen!

Love you all,
Elder Ted E. Bear

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