Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Epistle - 2.24.10

Good Wednesday Everyone!


Things are picking up in the area.


Last transfer all of my prayers and desires were focused on ONE thing, just getting New Investigators. I just wanted people to teach and everything was dedicated to that purpose. Now, this transfer, the area is up to a healthy point, and we can start thinking about getting Investigators to church and committing to baptism and all of that. It's a fun proccess to watch an area come from __dead__ to ^^sky high^^. Having a good time!


Derreck is planning on coming with his whole family to church on Sunday. He and his Uncle and Girlfriend and 4 kids all live in a trailer park, working their way out of deep Anacostia so his kids aren't exposed to the stuff he's gone through. Cool family, wanting to better their lives.


Tom is a cool 20 year old kid who is curious about religions, and is very intrigued by the idea that he can pray about our message and receive an answer from God. He drove himself to church last Sunday by himself, and wants to try going to institute. Really cool guy.


Basically, we have people to teach, and that's what I love to do, so we're happy. Good times in the mision.


The snow is melting, everywhere is a swamp, but we're happy to see that stuff go. We've had enough of it for the next 4 winters!


Love you all!


-Elder Ted E. Bear

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