Thursday, February 11, 2010

Epistle - 2.11.10

Hello Again Everyone!

I know I keep putting off a good detailed epistle, but more computer problems trying to get updated to the new e-mail system. I appologize.

We have been getting snow. Lots of snow.

We have been doing shoveling. Lots of shoveling.

That's a pretty good summary of the past week. We've had a lot of fun. Each day a different member offers to come pick us up and take us to shovel friends neighbors etc. We get more tired each day it seems and yet still manage to keep going, and I guess that's the miracle of it all =]

Sunday was a very interesting day, since it was a fast sunday. I've had many fast sundays in my life, and I often get a good headache, and that's while just sitting around. One would expect that a day spent shoveling would make the body feel even worse, and yet, I think of all my fast sundays this left me feeling the least hungry. I think that was my little miracle for the week.

I love you all, transfers is next week. Who knows where I'll be and I'll let you know!

-Elder Ted E. Bear

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